• Natasha Soper

Heart work.

It’s hard, friends. There are so many demands, and sacrifices, and so much physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual work. I remember hours spent googling to try to diagnose my own son‘s hip disease when doctors made me feel like an anxious mother, and I remember hours and days spent trying to get my son evaluated at the Glenrose. I remember carrying a five year old around, and I remember dealing with many sensory meltdowns. I remember all the questions, and judgement from people who were not in the same situation, and who did not desire to help.

My strength comes from the people around me who understand the path that I am on with my children and life. I want you to know that when I’m working with your children and your family that I get it. Perhaps we haven’t been in the exact same situation but I get the struggle of the journey.

The things we do for our children, and the things I do now as I enter this business world, is hard. When I remember that it is always going to be hard work, but that it is also heart work I feel encouraged to keep doing my beat as a parent and an educator.

Helping my children, and yours succeed is hard work, but it fills my heart with hope and joy. Let’s keep doing the heart work together.


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